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[this is good] Good day. Rather sparkly.

Renfair tonight.

Good day.


rawk and/or roooooooll, Sparky!

who dat on the couch? looked to me like DadFrost at first, but maybe not.

happy Caturday.

Brown Suga'

[this is good] It IS PapaFrost! I can see the resemblance between him and Her Megness.


[this is good] For a second I thought -- WTF?  Nice lipstick tube pickup, but why would he flip it sideways? ...then: OHHHHhhhhh, Rock Band.  It only LOOKS like a guitar.



By the way, even though I can play guitar a little, I ssssssssUCK at Rock Band.  It kicks my ass.  So, good on ya, Mark.


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