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yay Sparkster!

That car in the 2nd one is redonk.


Go Sparky!  Go Sparky!!  Is the Sparkster a computer geek like the rest of us?  Well.... at YOUR level, most auspicious and wonderful Meggy Moo?


Meg, you have teh awesum life. You're gorgeous, as is CSO and the 'rents look awesome, plus Sparky is soooo cute (and the Dude is not bad) and your email is full of Teh Qte! And you live in a kewl place.

Rilly, it could be worse.


[this is good] *waves* Have a good day at work, Sparky! ;)))


[this is good] LOL...NOW I look at your banner! Nice mobloggin', Meg! ;D

Brown Suga'

[this is good] Awwwww, you both look anerable!

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