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Love the new banner!!!

and this pic is so cute---you look to be the perfect mix of Mom & Dad Overload!


[this is good] Amen to the new banner! It about says it ALL.
Yay for kitchen painting....it's next on my list, too! My new couch is already ordered.....so on to teh kit-chen!!
Can't wait for "after" pics!


Mom & Dad are a couple of lookers, aren't they? They should meet Aubrey's parents.


[this is good] Wow yer parents are handsome. I'd steal your banner as well but i am working on my own. My house is painted now i have to start putting things on the wall. Maybe i'll get to it when the pup is older.

Brown Suga'

[this is good] Awww, what a sweet pic.

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