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Um...exsqueeze me? I don't even know what this is... but it does not look good.


It looks to me either earmuffs, or retarded "zomg protect ur ears frum cell phone radiati0n!!!1~" products. Either way, much redonkulousity.


I know, they are earmuffs which aliens are trying to make popular before they invade. The only difference between them and us is they have solid magenta ears, and if everyone is wearing these, no one will know who the aliens are! Don't fall for it!!!

Indy Bunny

oh dear, i think i've seen these earpops or earmitts before. and since i already number among the hopelessly unhip I may as well admit that--although I don't actually own any--they didn't strike me as a terrible idea... enlighten, please: is it the bandlessness of the pops or the Princess Leia earbun effect that is more socially unacceptable?


OoooOOOOooooooooo they DO kind of make you look like Princess Leia!  I'll take two pair!


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