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LOL that is a great cover!

I left my # at Borders books for when they get it in, I guess I will have to check for myself, no one ever gets back to me about anything, I don't trust anyone...me being invisibuls & all! Congrats again! :^ ) yay!



w00t! Meg! You *and* Amy Poehler, how kewl.


zee cute! finally narrowed down to a science by Dr. Meg, PhC.
is Amy P. reenacting the shower scene from "Psycho"? too neat




Yay! I gotta get a copy! Looks like a great pic, Meg!

Ceebs, yer not invisibulls. I can see you!!!

C. Crosslin

OH SHIT! I need to go pick my ass up a copy.
I love Bust. That issue about Tina Fey was the happiest read of my life.


Okay, question for peeps who pick up Bust at Borders...

Is it in the Gay/Lesbian section where you live, too?

C. Crosslin

Depends on where you're located! I live in St. Louis, so it's just in the fashion and/or political commentary section. However, when I was in Seattle, I picked it up in the Gay/Lesbian magazine section. I wasn't that offended. It IS pretty dyke-y.


I don't know, I haven't really read it in a few years, I know it sorta leans a little that way but I guess I always just liked it cuz it wasn't Cosmo.  I'm not that offended that it's in the G/L section-- just that it's like, well, let's see, it's not a fashion girly mag so it must be for dykes. 

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