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The one in the honeycomb shape! It speaks to me at several levels and what it says is "honey."


I agree, the one with the honeycomb shape is the clear winner. Apart from the smart honeycomb form, the typography is much more stately & elegant, and says "Premium". The first concept possess a bit too much whimsy. But that maybe the intent of the brand?

Jack Falcon

I like the top one, it's "lighter" if that makes any sense



I much prefer the top one, it has movement, especially the text line near the bee, looks like it's flight pattern. Very beautiful, clean design!


The second design. The text and the bee, being centered and clear, reads easily. although the first design is more complex and offers an airy sense, the honeycomb shape makes the second design that much more unique. To me the second makes most sense.


The top one is more "fun" and the bottom one is more "premium". I think I'd pay more for the bottom one but my eye would first be attracted to the top one.


Obviously, I love both! However, for a label, I prefer the honeycomb shape. There is much more symmetry, which is based on the actual product name and that, I assume is the most important. The top label is beautifully designed but I pay a lot more attention to the bee than the name. My eye just circle around and brings me back to the bee.

E. Collison

I'll go with the top one for fun/general zinginess, the bottom for the actual label. But the top (2nd) design would, I think, work well in an ad campaign.


Oooh, this is tough. My first instinct was the hexagon shape, it recalls honeycombs and would make an interesting label. However, the circular one just has so much interest to it, the detail of the leaf escaping the circle as well as the text that looks like the path of the sweet little bee. Maybe there can be a compromise of using the hexagon shape & one of these details? Or was that "too much"?


i like the top one. it is more unique. while the 2nd one has a nice clean look, it seems somewhat...predictable? i love the geometric wildflower

J. Bo

Second one, BY FAR! MUCH greater design integrity.


I think they're both fantastic, but since I have to choose, I'd go with the honeycomb. It just works. The other one would be perfect for something...i dunno...cosmetic? Like a lip balm or something? The other one, however exudes "honey". um. yeah.


second one


I agree with Nathan ... the 2nd definitely exudes honey. I'd use the first for lotion. Let us know which design was chosen.


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Bruce Salt

I am a beekeeper on St. Helena Island in the South atlantic Ocean and would like to know where I could get some of these labels from, quite naturally printed with my information of course?

Two wonderful designs but definately I like the first one as many have commented it just steals the show.
Having said that the second one is also brilliantly desgined too - so well done to the designer.
Please let me know soonest where I might obtain these albels form please.

St. Helena Island

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