Jan 28, 2007

I shall leeck—YOUR HINEY

Um, at Cute Overload, we make sure EVERY PIC packs a ponche. It's go large or GO HOME, PEOPLE!

This pic seriously delivers. As sender-inner Shianling K. points out:

1. There is leecking involved
2. Rule #2: Someone is looking heeelpless! [singsong]
3. Rule #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute
4. Rule #1: Paws up (in this case, over eyes, with is even more points)
5. Rule #17: Tiny ear action
6. Rule #16: Keep your eyes at the height of your nose *and* have a five-head, (large forehead) and make sure your body is as tall as your head.
7. Rule #15: small ear-to-head ratio


(Yes, I think Rules 15 and 17 are indeed the same) Derr!

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Jul 16, 2006

The plan

Must... gulp delicious CC's of miiilllk...

Must...show off eye capsules...

Must... look vulnerable and anerable...

Must... dangle... paw....


Teeny tailio thanks to Atlanta Squirrel re-habber Kathy C.

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Apr 20, 2006

Ear flops

HELLO Trifecta!

1. Small ear-to-head ratio
2. Tongue out!
3. Looks helpless enough!



Hey, is that Patty the Wildlife rescuer again? See the pedicure? That beeyatch gets around!
Thanks Hushi pup and Del H.

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Jan 18, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen—we can achieve world peace with this image

Let's show this image to all World Leaders (Perhaps carried on a silver tray by UN Ambassadress Angelina Jolie?). Without a doubt, he ooh's and aah's (in their respective native languages) should lead to world peace instantly. The image may also cure cancer if used properly. Please be aware that two Cuteologists lost their lives bringing you this photo, due to head explosion.

At least Three Rules of Cuteness have been acheived, therefore earning the Coveted Cuteness Trifecta®:
#11 Cute animal + food
#6 Mimic humans
#14 An everyday, small item makes you look small

I give you... Akagami Hamster:


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Jan 15, 2006

Holy inter-species bonding!

Here's the deal. "Finnegan" the squirrel was found under a tree in Renton (state unknown.) Finnegan was brought to the home of Debby "Sure I'll take care of him!" Cantlon for care. Meanwhile, Debby's papillion pup "Mademoiselle Giselle" (I am not making this up) decides she can help out too, and brings Finnegan in with her new puppies. Finnegan proves to be one sweet squirrel, riding mosh pits of puppies and cuddling with his littermates.


Riding the puppy mosh pit


Cuddle Central™


"Dood. wot's up?"


Puppy: "ZZZZZ" Squirrel: "zzz"


Thanks, Michelle Matthews. ADDENDUM: Huge apoloprops to Elisabeth who sent us this back in the '05.

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Dec 21, 2005

Homework: How many rules of cuteness does this image follow?



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