Apr 01, 2009

Cheer Up

So you were feeling Bold, and went for a Dash in the Surf. Then the Tide came in, and now you don't look so Fab.  Time for Mom to Wisk you off for a Rinso, followed by a Bounce in the drier.  Like they say — no pain, no Gain.

Easy Duz it with the puns there, Chuck.

He's seen the Era of his ways, Eliot G.

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I'm Telling You, We Made That Picture!

"What, you think it's easy to look menacing while you're dangling from piano wire with some 300-pound Teamster at the other end?  Try it sometime, pal!"

"But do people remember?  No, it's Dorothy this, and Scarecrow that, and those lousy, stinking Munchkins..."

"Oh, don't get me started on the Munchkins.  Every frickin' day, running around the commissary singin' 'Ding-dong, the witch is dead,' only they ain't usin' the word 'witch,' if you get my drift..."

"... wild parties every night in their trailer, and the next morning?  Passed out drunk on the set."

"No sense of professionalism, none whatsoever.  Not like us."

Hey, you got any Lucky Strikes?  Stinkin' orderlies won't let us smoke here.

If they only had a clue, Tanguera.

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Mar 31, 2009

Mystical Beer Cans of Imprisonment!

ITEM TYPE: Artifact — Container

EFFECTS:  Target creature is confined for remainder of melee round.  May be reversed by invoking Rope Toy of Stringiness, Annoying Duck of Quacking, and Fuzzy Bee of Squishiness.

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Mar 26, 2009


"Can you take me to Chuck E. Cheese because I was very good this week and I did my homework and I cleaned my room and you said if I did my homework and cleaned my room we could go to Chuck E. Cheese and I wanna play Skee-Ball and have a pepperoni pizza..."

( I could have had a career, traveled the world... but no, I had to get married... )

"...  and run around in the ball pit and play Whack-A-Cat and watch the robot puppet show and win lots of prize tickets so I can get a fire truck and then have more pizza and then..."

( I wonder if anyone would notice if I left him in the ball pit... )


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Mar 25, 2009

Separated at Berf?

"Everyone always says she looks like an Ewok, so I thought 'why not?' " says sender-inner Alana C. of her furry friend.  Maybe so, but can she take out a crack legion of Imperial Stormtroopers with nothing but spears and stone tools?  That's the real test, you know.

'Grrrrr... Yub-yub!'          'Uh, yeah, what he said.'

Arrgh... this costume has ZERO ventilation and it keeps riding up in back.

And then Lucas yelled at me for getting friendly with C-3PO's leg...

But I got a tummy rub from Han Solo, so it's all good...

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Mar 23, 2009

You've been pretty good

So you may have a cookie.

a little corgi girl
, by _groszek_.

Oh, and don't talk with your mouth full mMmmmf mmmmf.

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Mar 21, 2009

To Style Man

"Citizens of Earth!  I am the Grand High Blayvin of the planet Fabulon!  We offer your civilization the blessings of our advanced hair care secrets!  Our scientists have perfected a neutronic conditioning lotion that can cure split ends for all time!  We come with peaceful intentions, and not to ship your people to our home planet for horrific beauty school experiments, honest, we mean it!"


I, for one, welcome our impeccably-coiffed overlords, Stacy N.

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Mar 19, 2009

Cute Overload Classics: Poofée

Ahh, sweet soft soupy seduction. On Nov 14, 2005, Meg opened up a can of Faux French on our derrières...


(French accent) so, Cherie.... (music in background) You like dee Ghetto Tomato? ahn? I open eet for you... non.... ssssssssssh! (covers your mouth with paw) don't you worree—I open eet for you weeth my paw—I can do eet, ahn?. I am dee ulllltimate, Cherie—mignon, zee strong paws, zee best cook. (Pours more wine into your glass) Pooffée—moi—I take care of you tonight...

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Mar 18, 2009



10 o'clock.


What catty dogs, Linda M.!

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Mar 17, 2009


We got our green bandannas at O'Grady's Pom Shoppe.

And we're still getting pinched.

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