Apr 02, 2009


First we had the Kitteh Slide treadmill...


IT NEVER ENDS! Literally!

Sthuper Sthender-Inner Josh N., you are a FOUNTAIN of well, unrelentingness

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Mar 30, 2009


[Beady eyes, unwavering, no plinking]

"You will bring me yogurt drops.

You will bring me sunflower seeds.

I will never run in the hamster ball again."


Don't look DIRECTLY at this pic for too long or ye shall perish! My little star Piórko by the one and only pyza*.

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Mar 29, 2009

Carbo Load!

This is one ham's story. Of a serious carbo loading.

First, please note, before the pasta gorging, cheeks are at somewhat "normal' size.

Then the delicious lip smacking and paw wringing begins!

MLORRRP! Delectabuhls!

[Inhaling of entire spaghetti strands]

Post gorge: cheek pouches at maximum capass.

Funny little Piórko, pyza*Piorko's tongue action,  Piórko's mouth action, Pasta ATTACKS Piórko! (2), Piórko stuffed with Pasta, all wonderfully photographed, styled and posed by pyza*.

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Mar 18, 2009

C.O. Presents: Cuisine of the World!

What's the perfect complement to Swiss cheese?  Swiss bread, of course!  Rarely seen outside the Alps, Brot voller Löcher is a hearty, whole-grain bread with an unusual pattern of Swiss cheese-like holes.  Locals say it's good luck when the holes in your bread-and-cheese sandwich align perfectly.  But while Swiss cheese gets its holes from naturally-occurring pockets of trapped gas, Swiss bread requires a more laborious process...

... yeah, and it's hell on my waistline, too.

I think I'll just have the salad, Zana F.

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Mar 16, 2009

Good Evening, Mister Bond

I'm so glad you could join us, my old nemesis; I do hope my henchmen didn't treat you roughly.  You're just in time to watch me unleash my army of killer robo-ferrets upon an unsuspecting world — but first, I will explain my sinister plan to you in elaborate detail at great length, which will give you time to escape and ruin everything.

Don't know why I do that; we villains can be kinda dumb sometimes.

Evil never looked so cuddly, Kate S.

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Mar 15, 2009

Secrets of Pocket Pet Photo Shoots

This is how it's done, People. When you're lining up your hamster, hedgehog, bunny you found in a hole for a photo shoot, DO IT RIGHT.

Don't just get RUN OF THE MILL dollhouse props, get GOOD, hand-painted ones, even if you have to CHOP DOWN THE TINY TREES AND MILL THEM YOURSELF.

Don't cut any corners on your narrative—make sure you bring the DRAMZ

MAKE your models cooperate even if they HAVE NO MUSIC SKILLS WHATSOVER

TAKE matters into your OWN HANDS for the sake of your audience

Choose your backgrounds wisely—high contrast will set your shoot apart from ALL THE OTHER POCKET PET SHOOTS OUT THERE

And only, ONLY IF your model cooperated and the shoot went well, should you rest.

Pyza sets the standard again with: *POMPON* (news..), "I want play!" ~ Pompon, "Nooo, I scared!" ~ Pompon, "I play Trumpet!" ~ Pompon, Feeding baby Pompon ;), "I not Baby!" ~ Pompon, ond "I am Pyramid" ~ Pompon, are all photos by the wonderful and hilarious pocket pet chronicler pyza*.

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Gimme Some Sugar

One glider or two?

Plorp! [Dropping into rack sound]

Will you please get a load of the fluffeh tail action on the left—



Fabu photo Spike!  My Sugar Glider is by Agent Retro.

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Feb 26, 2009

That's One Small Step For Ham, One Giant Leap For Hamkind

DAY TWO: After completing atmospheric and temperature evaluations, I am ready to exit the landing module and begin my initial survey.

Darn it! I forgot to pick up the giant flag from the cleaners!

The surface is peppered for miles in every direction with deep, treacherous craters, evidence perhaps of violent meteor showers that once ravaged this planet...

... unusual salt deposits, too.

... and yet, even among these wastelands, I find remnants of a once-great civilization, which built vast cities, drank overpriced coffee, and constructed gleaming white spaceships in which they fled the devastation of their beloved world...

Which means there's probably at least one Starbucks nearby.

We come in peace, Ron M.

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Feb 23, 2009

Rest in Proshness

Dearly befuddled, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to one of the cutest roadside memorials we've ever seen: This lovely floral presentation in honor of... a squirrel?!

Perfectly normal from a distance, and then... Wha-HUH?

And not just any squirrel, but true sports nut, with a passion for baseball, basketball and hockey.

Although the referees kept ejecting him for nibbling the puck.

Found in Sacramento by Angela B. Can any other Sacto peeps shed light on this?

[UPDATE: Working from Beth's and Ellen's tips, I think I've located the white building with the tiled roof in the background of shot one, which supports their theory about the address.  Click here to see the building in Google Street View. -- Mike]

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Bedtime for Igor

"... and bless Dr. Fronk-en-steen, and the Monster, and Inga, and Frau Blücher, and Abby Normal, and..."

What hump?

... and Susan B.  [Plus all respect to Ellen van Deelen - Ed.]

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