Mar 24, 2009

THIS JUST IN: Kitteh licks (and licks) Fennec Fox

I know we've had a virtual cinema today with all the movies—when it rains it pours, right? But in the immortal words of Sender-Inner Arlo R.: "HOW COULD THIS NOT BE POSTED YET!?"

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Winston-san eats crunchy snacky

Please bow to Winston-san as he enjoys a crunchy snack set in his paws.


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Mar 23, 2009

Post bath daze featuring... WINSTON-SAN

The Japanese Winston is giving us an unblinking, creepy staring post-bath haze! Enjoy!

"Japanese Winston" discovered by alert reader Josh N.!

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Mar 22, 2009


The Japanese version of Winston has been discovered by alert reader Josh N.! We shall call him Winston-san.

You must crank sound for hearing Winston-san purrs!

You will obey whim of Winston-san!

You will bow head and THEN press play:

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Are you saying I'm fat?

I know I've gained an extra pound, but a BALLOON WITH MY FACE ON IT!? HARSH!

[claws deploy for popping purposes]


Icarus the kitteh was captured by Scott Pargett Photography who's also on Flickr.

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And you thought your Sunday would be uneventful

Kitteh versus fly. GO!!!

NTMTOM caught this one for us...

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All Right, We'll Give Back the Bonus Money!

Egads, Hubert, they're everywhere!  Mobs of screaming, angry taxpayers with pitchforks and torches!  The entire mansion is surrounded!

I suppose we could pay them to go away...

Dang, my torch went out, Esther W.

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Mar 21, 2009

Negotiations... are in progress

"Oh I think you're gonna do better than that, doc.  See, I been checkin' around, an' I happen to know what a pile of white lion cubs is worth to you and your organization.  It'd be a shame if we couldn't come to a mutually beneficial agreement, doc, a real shame.  And it ain't like we're asking for a lot, you know?  I mean how many giraffes does one zoo need?"  [wipes drool with paw]


"Sorry.  'Sides, an' I hate to hafta bring this up, but little Nicky Two Noms here is a wicked tickler..."

Seen on CBS News.  Eeeeee!!!!

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Mar 18, 2009

Chef cat dreams of baking a soufflé...

...when suddenly, the center caved in!!!


Halp! Gut-hance!


Ever have that sinking feeling, Wendy D.?

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Mar 14, 2009

This kitteh's all up in yo' grill

Here's how to say "STEP OFF, MoFos" in Kitteh:

The majority of today's Caturday posts are powered by Josh N.

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