Dec 30, 2005

Died and gone to heaven

You've died, you've gone to heaven (God let you slide on that shoplifting incident) and you're sitting in the grass near your Heaven House, with a perfectly mixed Long Island Iced Tea, and this beautiful little pup comes trotting up to you. Can you feel it?


Thanks to David Dyer ;)

Dec 29, 2005

This sucks

Dood. I can't go out, this sucks. No cruisin' for me tonight—ya'll go ahead..."Tripod?"—that's reeeeeal funny, Punk.


Bravely submitted via email, by Laura Shaffer!

Dec 23, 2005

Rule of Cuteness #9: Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially

Exhibit A, People!


piles of kudos to Sarah Serata ;)

Dec 20, 2005

Rule of Cuteness #8: You're cute if your furniture doubles as a meal

Mmm, delicious recliner... This Frodo-Footed hamster, (obviously his BHF is "Baruchito") alertly submitted by Heng Joo Seng. Heng Joo, you outdid yourself.



Stay with me people—usually 'cute' and 'amphibious' don't go together—but this teeny froglet is absolutely prosh. Check out his tiny tail and transcluent fingers. He's like a tween, he's still got his baby tail, and his voice is changing! Riiibbles!




Sally Harper, you're a genius!

This is you at Cute Overload

These are the blog entries of Cute Overload crawling over over you and licking your shoulders! You can't take it!!!

Thanks to Ben Kaubisch—you didn't think I'd post this, huhn?

Dec 15, 2005

Merry Pigmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas, courtesy of alert reader and pet photographer Tammy, and her guinea pig Titania.


Dec 14, 2005

Peeky McPeekerson

Bravely following the "Rules of Cuteness", namely, an Inquisitive Look is Always Cute™, Mr. Peeky McPeekerson, care of Mark Groak, graces our presence.


Nice rack!

A very alert reader Julia Rose sent this delectable kitten photo. Holy composition!


Dec 13, 2005

Where's MY Budweiser endorsement?!

Sent in by Mr. Jared Nied, who claims he just wants to 'snuggle' with this tiny lizard—Hey Jared—newsflash, it'd be nothing but Crushed City® if you snuggled him. But maybe he could nestle in your eyebrow? That might be the ideal place to carry him.


Don't make me turn this car around

Kids! Calm down and stop biting each other!

Big props to alert reader John Tantalo ;)

This just in: The rare "KittenFrog"

This looks suspiciously Photoshopped, but there is no rule against that, is there? Big props to Michael Eggers, who alertly sent in this photo of the amphibious "KittenFrog", rarely seen with the naked eye.


Dec 12, 2005

The teeniest thing

The tiniest submission was just made by alert reader Abigail Lundberg, who credits Google images with this precious find. Who knows what it is—it's simply cute.

Meanwhile, on the U.S.S. Chinchilla...

My friends—dee time has come for my perfect plans to be REALIZED! Say hello to my Giant LAZER! As soon as Colonel Hamster joins me on dee deck, we shall take over dee WORRRRRLD! [sweeping gestures with paws]


Ah, screw eet. He's napping again!


-Special thanks to Alert reader Wendy Nelson!-

Dec 11, 2005

This just in: Shelley's Sugargliders

Alert reader Shelley sends the following delectable photo of her Sugargliders to We greatly appreciate such a fine submission! Their names are "Kai" (boy) and "Rin" (girl) (natch) and are absolutely prosh.


What do Sugargliders look like mid-glide in your living room, when you least expect it just as you place your Thanksgiving Turkey on the table? Why this, of course! Perfectly caught mid-flight by the apt-named Squirrels R


Dec 07, 2005


The following cute-as-all-heck bird was submitted by alert reader Shelly to We greatly appreciate her expert submission. Her albino cockatiel Malena adores the special spa treatment of wading in popcorn or cornchips.


Sports section, Master!

Another example of cuteness rule #6, Mimicking Humans is always cute. Do you think he's going to have a cup of tea with his Sports section? Diggin' the bone sweater!


Props to alert reader Jessica!

Dec 03, 2005

About to scale Mt. Bernard

Bok, bok bok, let's see, I got mountain climbing shoes, check, bok, cramp-ons, check. Who's gonna spot me on the ascent?

Muchas gracias to alert reader Jenny Huangfu.

Nov 30, 2005!

Alert reader "Karen Fields" tried to pretend that she wrote Cute Overload to "submit photos of her bunny". Funny, looks like the "bunny" submitted HERSELF! You're not fooling anyone, "Karen".


Nov 16, 2005

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Alert reader Cory Pinter and his girlfriend (who must be fabulous to have suggested sending this photo) sent this Hamster Haus photo. Obviously, this Hamster just woke up from a nap and is stretching, thinking about his morning cup of Joe and side carrot. Brilliant decorating job he's done...


Oct 20, 2005

Goodbye, cruel world!

As if she were jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, "Goliath" the Hermit crab shows her out of the box thinking with this stunt. Crustace-a-licious. Submitted by extremely alert reader Shelley!