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Feb 16, 2008

How a lack of teefs can boost cuteness factor

Unlike any other species, a specifc LACK of teef, (which, in the case of puppehs, makes a tongue flop out) is cute. Not to mayn-shons the Rule #15 ear action going on here.


Oh, and just for good may-sures, check out "Jay" the Pappillon flopping aorund in leafs. Ahnnnngggg!!!! [Arms reach out towards screen]


[pushing lil' tongue back in] Ehn! Christina V.!

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Ham Dip

Great, wait 'til the guys back at the Wheel hear about THIS


Michele L.K. Dip that Ham!

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Feb 15, 2008

What is it with the Farm Girls?

What is it with the Farm Girls and prosh pets lately? Don't MAKE me make a CATEGOATERY, People.

Nom Nom Nom. Delicious braaaaaaaaaaid.


Like the ears back, too, AM T.

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Don't you be lookin' at muh 'tocks

Uh oh, he caught us looking.



Nice corgage, Elaine T. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

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Ded from the Qte

Look how much damage small puppehs can do. [shaking head]

Poor guy. Well, if you gotta go some way, I guess it's not a bad way to go


Esther, good luck 'splainin' this one to the kids.

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Feb 14, 2008

Ferrets can't spell

Man, it's so nice to see these little Carpet Sharks giving to each other for a change—instead of scurrying under rugs and and up your pant legs and stuff.


AAAGAGAAHAHAHHHH!!!! [sound of ferret scurrying up my pantleg unexpectedly]

This image is an encore presentation, 'cause it's so dern prosh. Thanks, Natalie F.

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A very [Ahem] Special Valentine

Um, Thanks.


DIanna L., I hope you accepted the offer. Pretty unique er, delivery.

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Who loves you, Baby?

I do. Lambchop—me. I love you. [Puts one paw over your mouth] Ssssshhh—Don't speak.


Carla R., Tell Lambchop to blast the Barry White, Girl.

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Ani-pals with heart shapes on them [head tilt]

PeegFrom Orange UK comes this storeh about a peeg with a heart on it. Ahnnnggn. Nice Find, Jo L.

Then of course there is this puppeh, with HIS heart-shaped fur:

Japanese kicking our asses again



Then we have "Scotteh" the kitteh who's owners didn't even NOTICE he had a heart-shaped fur patch until they saw the article on the Chihuahua pup above... [Nice work, Sender-Inner Amy S.]


And let's not forget dee FERRETS OF LOF:


And this calf, who was BORN on Valentines day, with a heart that looks suspiciously painted on; (Still, thanks, Bert W.)


Happy Valentine's Day, Peeps!

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Winston gets leecked on Valentine's Day

Winston is THE MAN

And he's getting freaky with Rudy.

Rich J. of FourFour, another brilliant Winston installment.

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