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Oct 13, 2007

Caturday Before and...OMG AFTER!

At first, they seemed so innocent. Bellying up to the milk buffet, taking a seat, playing by the rules.




Sender-Inner Lynne also points out the kittehs are in the same order: from left to right, top row: Bob, Jack, Manny. Bottom row, left to right: Stacy and Moe.

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This is how I roll

Look up "Full Body Chub" in the dictionary and you will see this puppeh.

Try not to pour Taco Bell mild sauce all over him and neeble on his rolls.


Must.... soft kronsche! Megan C.

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Rule of Cuteness #37: If you tilt your head to a side, it's cute

The Cuteness Level of this kitteh is "muy cute."

But watch, as the kitteh tilts his head to a side. INSTANT ADDITIONAL CUTE POINTS TAKING HER TO 'MOOCHAS CUTE!!!"


Giuli, Yes. Yes, she is muy cute.

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Oct 12, 2007

So relaxed, yet so... stretchingks

At first, you hardly see the outstretched paws (because of the blinding Paws-Up action)

but then, you see them! Halp meh!

DSC_0060.JPG, originally uploaded by Link Dupont.

Nice pointer-outering, Julia G.

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Someone pre-titled their image "Ehn!" for me.

You saved me .02 seconds because that was JUST WHAT I WAS ABOUT to TITLE IT!

First, check out this 'Tock-tober-tastic "Milk buffet"...


Then, close up on the unbelievable milk-retreiving efforts by this puppeh, he's all; "Check this, bros" [record-scratching sound]


Excellent capturing, and labeling, Jewel H...

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What is this guy peddling, DUCK CRACK!?

Check out the tewtelly hooked, mini-motor-quacking on these guys:

Whoa, Anne P. Whoa [Say in Keanu voice]

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A Wise, wise, animule

[Crawling up thousands of feet of mountain]

I've come all this way to hear your guidance, oh great bunneh-like mammal

Bunneh-ish Creature: "Remember this my son. There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't."


Thank you, Charlotte S., for introducing us to this wise, wise "Viscacha" animule.

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Oct 11, 2007

Gracias, Tom Hart!

Eagle-eyed Steffy T. caught this maynshons of C.O. in the 10/9 Boston Metro newpaper.


Thanks, Steffy and Hutch Owen...

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And the most unusual muzzlepowshe goes to...

This guy!!!

Thanks, Cynthia and Dan H...

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Kitteh with opposable thumbs will take over the worrrld

Check out this kitteh with "hands" over at the Tacoma, WA Humane Society.

She's sporting a pair of thumbs! (And obviously has plans to bring the kitteh species forward with her marvelous mutation...)


Here she is showing off by drawing a Turkey (see beak and hat)


For more prosh pics and more details on Willamena, check out the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!

Sender-Inner Laurie C. says she's seen "a lot of extra toes" but never hands!

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