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Nov 16, 2007

Señor McFluffersons

I think this is a baby Chow Chow, but not sure... I do know that he is basically owning the place with his complete and total fluff-ball-ness. Check it!

Shelagh, what a poofy YouTube selection.

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Tease him and he shall DESTROY YOUR THUMB. Too much.

Jill L.
 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 08:57 AM

Oh man, I cannot believe how good that puppy is taking a bath--my dog would be squirming all over the place!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 08:57 AM

I am not a dog person...but this is too cute to be true XD!!!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 08:59 AM

Hmm.. I don't think it's a chow, he doesn't have a purple tongue!

He sure is SWEET though.. I think I'm getting diabetes just by looking at him ;)

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 08:59 AM

Sir, you seem to have a huge adorable clog in your drain. But I can take it off your hands, free of charge ...

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:00 AM

Yeah, serves him right for teasing the poor little fluff ball.
Too Prosh!!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:00 AM

OMG! I looved when he was taking his bath, all "do with me what you will!" I could snorgle him for hours....

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:00 AM

he is an alaskan malamute.
he is adorable.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:03 AM

Oh, that's a "bury-your-face-in-me" pupdog if I ever saw one! I don't know what breed he is either (I'm cat people) but his nature seems as sweet and fluffy as his little bod!

Evangeline's Mum
 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:03 AM

That puppeh is way too kyoot! I think it might be a Keeshond, not a chow, but whatev's...I just love the bath scene, what a good, cooperative baby!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:03 AM

OMG! This is the best Furday of my life.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:03 AM

I've never seen a pup enjoy his bath so much! It's way too early for that much cuteness!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:03 AM

This is an Alaskan malamute puppy if I'm not mistaken. Ultra fluffy

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:05 AM

He is sooo good while taking that bath! Very impressive.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:06 AM

what a good little puppy! my dog doesn't behave near as well when he gets a bath, and he's 10. also, i LOVE the fact that the person is using a bathroom sink instead of a tub. cute AND water conscious!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:07 AM

Okay, 1.) How do get a dog to just lie back in a sink and take a bath?
2.) How do you get a fluffy dog like that DRY after said bath?
3.) Malamute fur makes great sweaters--it's just like wool and during shedding season you can gather it up and spin it into yard. Only problem, your sweater smells like wet dog if you get rained on.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:07 AM

at the end there, he totally looks like a BABY PANDA.

baby panda dogs would be the best thing, EVER.

some of this video seems a little cute or sad? though, especially the "outfit" the poor baby has on at the end.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:07 AM

He is sooo floofy! and soo cute!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:08 AM

cutest puppeh...so sweet. not even a squirm or yelp in the baff. i'm in awwwwe of his cutitude. :)

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:09 AM

I can't handle the little pink tongue that keeps sneaking out! It's just too much.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:09 AM

Hmm...I think he's some flavor of snowdog...husky or malamute. Sooooo cute!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:13 AM

oh, dear lord, the FLOOF!!! And him, just laying there in the bath, with his tongue hanging out, like "blah, you suck", and then he just stays still when they pick him up to shift him in the sink, kinda like he's saying "oh, geez, do you hafta?!?!"

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:13 AM

He is a alaskan malamute. My favorite.
Kiragirl can back me on that one.
Wait til he grows up he won't be able to fit in the sink anymore. Squeeeeee

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:14 AM

I'm putting my vote in that he's a Malamute. Kinda like a husky, but more muscular and bigger. They also pull things through the snow. So, maybe Malamute.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:15 AM

He's not even a dog! He's a faded panda. :)

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:16 AM

Definitely loving the tounge-out action in the tubular.
Is that a rule of cuteness yet? It should be. Something on the lines of "IF YOU STICK YOUR TOUNGE OUT, IT'S CUTE!"

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:16 AM

He's really my puppy dog - I just lent him to those people for awhile.

Isn't he adorabuhls?

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:19 AM

Alex -- that's been disproved. Don't make me repost the cow-tongue link... or y'know, Gene Simmons.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:19 AM

I agree with kbryna & greenighs - baby panda ALL THE WAY!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:20 AM

I'm thinking Malamute too. I really don't think he's a Chow.

Too cute. Makes me want to think about letting our dogs inside to cuddle.

Eh. The moment has passed.

Sleeping Mommy
 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:22 AM

OHMYGOODNESS! He is way, way too cuuuuuuuute! I want one! And it has to be THAT perfectly-behaved! I love him in the first part...you can almost hear him goin, "Slow down, my legs are soooooo short!" And that BATH---I used to work for a vet and bathed many dogs, and NONE ever sat there all "Do me" like that! He is soooooooo cute that I need to go brush my teeth again...

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:24 AM

I think maybe he's a malamute or a husky? definitely seems to be. When my husky/malamute had puppies they looked EXACTLY like this!! Puppy breath is the best!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:24 AM

He looks like a floofy Ewok!! Too cute.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:27 AM

For sure this as close to a panda bear dog as you're gonna get!!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:29 AM

why does the part where he's in the tub make me cry? guess i'm officially unstable.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:29 AM

LOL @ Redz...

Who doesn't love smelling like wet dog?

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:31 AM

SOO INCREDACUTE!! WTF is with the Japanese and their ability to have cuteness ALL THE TIME! And he was such a good boy in the bathtub! Heeee!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:32 AM

Oh anner did you forget to take your meds this morning. I'll gladly share mine.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:33 AM

Judging from the language spoken here, when I could actually understood what they were saying, shouldn't it be: "Monsieur McFlufferson"?
So he's a bebeh Malamute; didn't think he was a Chow -thought more along the lines of a bebeh Husky, and Malamutes are in the same family. That is one delish puppeh, with a sweet disposition to match the kissable face! Gotta love those devil horns.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:36 AM

Meant to say "UNDERSTAND what they were saying".

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:38 AM

I love the end, he is all 'devil dog the hound from hell'

i broke my face trying to shove it through the screen for a snorg.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:40 AM

actually, this is Korean, not japanese

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:40 AM

ah, the rare but much-adored gnocchi dog....named for his redonkulouosly chubbular body shape, as well as his disposition: much like how one feels when full of said gnocchi.

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:42 AM

shouldn't it be Master McFluffersons, due to his you age?

(btw - ded from the tongue!)

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:43 AM

dee toong, de toong, soooo cute!!!

What a rockable pupperton!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:45 AM

Here's the Panda Dog.


 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:45 AM

hes a mal! i have a mal puppy, and he looked just like that at like, 7wks or so. except the fluff-factor on this guy is RIDICULOUS

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:47 AM

Oh. My. GAWD!! I've never seen a malamute pup before! Holy SH*T!!

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:54 AM

Emily, does your malamute talk to you?
I was once walking with mt mother and we saw a gigantic lady-malamute parked outside a restaurant. "How are you, sweetheart?" Mom said to the dog, who jumped to her feet and said "Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woowoo wooowooowooowoooooooowoo

 |  Nov 16, 2007 at 09:55 AM

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