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Feb 13, 2007

Spiny Masseurs

Hedge: "Bonsoir—can I eentereste you in a sweess massage?" [dainty paws start workin']
[thinking] what the—are these guys acupunturists!?


[thinking] wayle, OK—maybe I'll try a few minutos—
Hedges: Try the lavender oil—all our clients love eet [More dainty paw massages]


Kitteh: Um, this is better than buttermilk, People
Hedges: Yais—I am sensing and snorting an essence of satisfactshons here... [continues with dainty paws]



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Hedgehs and kittehs!! And the kitteh is smiling in the last one. Must have been a good massage.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:27 PM

What a great capture. Lucky cat wish that was me getting the massage.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:28 PM

waaaagh! best interspecies photos ever!!!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:28 PM

Should carry a health warning - NOT SUITABLE FOR HAIRLESS CATS

Alice Shortcake
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:33 PM

What a BEAUUUUUUTIFUL Meezer! Is it possible to die of cuteness? We'll let you know!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:33 PM

That's IT! I'm getting a hedgie. The first website I researched said that you shouldn't get a hedgie if you have other pets like cats. Obviously, these hedgies aren't freaked by the kitteh! So, I'm off to plan the hedgie abode. Yay!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:34 PM


 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:37 PM

Greenighs... if they're legal in your area, hedgehogs make the best pets. Carewise they're on a level with hamsters and gerbils, and food is fairly easy to find now. They'll do fine in a decent sized aquarium, but we built one out of chicken wire so the ferret exercise wheel would fit in it. He wore out 2 wheels. His name (of course) Sonic.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:40 PM

I love snorgling my little hedgie, so I know how that kitty feels!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:40 PM

What does it feel like to pet a hedgie?

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:43 PM

OK, this is beyond cute.

What an AMAZING cat! Any particular breed? My instinct is Siamese from the coloring...but I can't tell from the facial structure...


 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:45 PM

Now THAT is awesome!

Carl Huber
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:45 PM

I want, I want I want... the wee beigey one... I've rescued a few wild Scottish hedgies... found the wiff of their poo a bit overwhelming, so have never entertained the idea of having a pet spike.... but now I've seen this.... I want I want I want........

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:46 PM

My teeth ache...*sigh*

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:47 PM

That cat looks purty comfterbuls. :) I love it.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:48 PM

Hedgehogs, hedgehogs,
giving us a Swiss massage
You and your sweet pawsicles
Will go so very far
Hedgehogs, hedgehogs,
moist nosicles are a la mode
And we know that you both know
How snorg'lable you are!

(With apologies to Frank Loesser... http://ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300)

E. Collison
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:50 PM

i want a hedgie massage!!!!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:50 PM

So is Spiny Norman moonlighting?

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:53 PM

...and then, when they're done with the massage, they flip over & brush out kitteh's coat.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:56 PM

Be still my heart! Kitty looks just like my 15-year-old diabetic Louie. Makes me want to rush home from work for a little snorgle time.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 12:58 PM

WAIT WAIT WAIT. Look at the photos closely, peeps... that's no plaid cushion, that's SOMEBODY'S LAP. They're wearing flannel jammies. This is all happening on SOMEBODY'S LAP.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:01 PM

Perfectly timed for the new InterSnorg category!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:08 PM

Looks like a flamepoint siamese to me!! Loves it!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:09 PM



*really ded*

Jen S.
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:11 PM

Should be doin' Biochem homework...instead I'm surfin' CO....

Should be wrighten' my thesis....instead I'm surfin' CO....

(sing-song voice, very tired)

LOVE the kitteh, great smile :)

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:14 PM


 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:16 PM

I got the giggles with this post and now I can't stop! You just can't have the pictures without the commentary that goes along -- I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!! :D!

Tracy M.
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:17 PM

Tri-interspecies massage because the massage table looks like someone's legs.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:17 PM

Someone stole my cat! And aged him! And got him a lovely hedgehog masseuse!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:17 PM

Oh, and I forgot to say- Totally smiling cat, people!!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:20 PM

Is it totally wrong that this picture makes me want to give up a promising career at one of the top hospitals in the country so's I can move somewhere that hedgies aren't illegal? Curse you, NYC Dept of Health!!!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:27 PM

I THOUGHT that was someone's lap! That makes me sick that I'm not there, also intersnorging.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:35 PM

Yup, def flame point Siamese. And def someone's pajama-clad legs kitty's stretched out on, probably purring and kneading. Lucky person. Lucky me, I get kitty jumping on my pelvis at 3am, prompting dreams of being grabbed in a very unwholesome way by Jim Carrey--I woke up rather quickly, at least.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:39 PM

ok. Is it inter-species or interspecies?? I want to sleep tonight!!!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:40 PM

And I LUUUUVVVVVV how the tan hedgie tewtally matches the kitteh. Tewtally.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:45 PM

I'm pretty sure there's only one hedgie massaging in those pictures. The darker one looks completely blissed just lying on top of the cat. Maybe it's like those stones they use to relax you?

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:46 PM

What a beautiful cat--I love the coloring. Hedgie #1 accentuates it quite well.

*dreams of being allowed to have more KITTEHS!*

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:54 PM

Rioux - Hahaha!!

Martha - I think it could be either. But Theo's the expert I take it.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:54 PM

Oh My Goodness.

CO, the perfect stress relief.

I do love how Hedgie and Kitty match...and how happy both look.

A thinker
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 01:56 PM

C.O. Instant Classic.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:01 PM

...btw I think this might be more interspecies than we think. Is that somebody's lap they're all sitting on?

A thinker
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:02 PM

Oops, sorry to those who already said that.

A thinker
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:03 PM

I'm really digging this inter-species dating theme you've had going the lastfew days. Not only purrfect for Valentine's Day, but also helpful for our colleagues in the government whom seem to need help with the concept of getting along with others.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:04 PM

DKN -- heck, I don't know. You choose.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:05 PM

I love hedgies! I used to have one, his name was Harrison ('herrison' is French for hedgehog, so creative!)

When they get to trusting you and lay their spines down for you, petting them feels a little bit like touching a dry corncob...kind of smooth and rough at the same time.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:08 PM

Kitty is thinking, "So, that's what it feels like having a little buddy sleep on you. Niiiiiice. No wonder my people like it!"

Sue in NoCal
 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:12 PM

Wow, what a beautiful kitters!!! And those hedgies look so happy to be hanging with their step-brother!

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:12 PM


I had to close my browser window to stop the involuntary squeeeeeeeeing, because there were a bunch of graduate students standing outside my office.

I know I don't deserve it, but is there, oh, pleasepleaseplease, is there video of this? Please, Krisa B. Is there video?

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:15 PM

Kitteh: Zut alors! Je vous adore.

Hedgie 1: Ees no mirage. Vee are zay menage-a-massage entourage.

Hedgie 2: Oui, avec fromage.

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:18 PM

Hey, what gives? I posted a comment early on and it's not here. Waah!

Pyrit, what do they DO with the cheese, hmmm?

 |  Feb 13, 2007 at 02:23 PM

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