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Aug 29, 2006

This is TOTALLY blowing our minds

Asaciel just sent this over from Japan: "Bebe" surfs CuteOverload. Things haven't been this whacked since Cheese Doodle.


Domo arigato, Asaciel!

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[Pink nose moving]

Porrrrk.  Looks goooood. I must get my seven toes on a piiiiece.


Thanks for sending in the Princess, Diane V. ;)

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La, la, la, lee, lee, lee, lee lee






[Big swallow]


Drink, White White, Drink! Thanks, Chun.

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Aug 28, 2006

Pug breathing noises

Are sooooo romantic...the quivering muzzlepuff! The shifty eyes! the snorfing of sheets! Peep dis:

SNORF, sender-inner TTancm!

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Pick moi up

Look, I know you've been at work ALL day and you're tired, but I demand you pick me up [stretches out paws] and take me to that other sill over there so I can check out that other sunbeam.


Was that so bad, Anna S.? ;)

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More at 11

Asaciel has an uncanny knack of sending in photos of animals doing human-ish things. (Hello, Rule #6!) First there was "Cat-a-loons", now it's: "Bebe watches T.V." They're mini people for crying out loud!


Arigato, Asaciel!

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Feeshe Kees

Left Feeshe: I love you.
Right Feeshe: I love you more.
Left Feeshe: No, I love you more.
Right Feeshe: NO I LOVE YOU MORE
Left Feeshe: I LOVE YOU MORE GOD DAMMIT [underwater screaming]


Giesel Petes, there are bubbles everywhere now. Kisses, Branna L.

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Check out this little chick, she is so great. Her name is "The Cuteness". It must be really nice to have a 'The' in your name. Of course, "The Cuteness" has a web site. She's a mini white schnauzer with matching mini ear flops:


And, she can chill with the best of them (LOL!):


What?! [Blink blink]


Awesome submission Janet T. and T.C.'s owners... :)

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Aug 27, 2006

Disapproving kittens

These kittens are not pleased.

How! How have you not pleased them!?

They're almost as disapproving as the Famous Disapproving Bunnies.


Hmmm, cute animals on blue again... [shifty eyes] Thanks, Caroline L.

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Shake 'n' Bake!

Rainey Magillicutty: "If you ain't first, you're last, People."


"It's a simple fact. Unless you got a buddy ta slingshot you to the finish, you-gonna-be-last." [Looks directly into camera]


"Racing is in my blood. I remember back in the days when I would just race around the radiator and occasionally around the sofa. But now, I put all 3 toes on the pedal." [continues inspecting vee-hickle]


There. Now how 'bout we go get kicked out of Applebee's?


Nice work, Lady C. Drive. and Talledega Nights...

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