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Jul 31, 2006

Puffitude on the Grass

These little Dudes are LATE for their luncheon in the grass. Hurry, little dudes! Hurry!


E to the C—awesome. Thanks, CatWalk Rabbitry :)

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"Ahoy, I say! Danger spotted at 3:00!"

E.C. must be the most-published submitter on CO. You can't lose with cute bunny pics ;)

A thinker
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 06:53 AM

Someone surrendered four lionheads to my shelter a week ago. Cute when they're little, gorgeous when they're grown!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 06:59 AM

omigosh! They are the CUTEST lil buns. Too bad wife said I could have a kitteh OR...

Ryan Blackhawke
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:01 AM

I have always loved rabbits. This is way too anerable. And now I love them even more! GO GO rabbirts! (xd)

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:05 AM

I'm late, I'm late
For a vey important date.
No time to say hello, goodbye.
I'm late, I'm late...

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:10 AM

*twitch* squeeeee!! i want a snowballs maybe i can convice my roomies to let me have one.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:15 AM

now in their new warren, hazel and fiver's children frolic in the summer sun.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:22 AM

Holy squeeing scurry-trons, BatMeg... talk about your floofy jowls!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:27 AM

They look so serious! Give 'em dark shades and put 'em in black business suits and you'd have Agents Fluff and Bun. Run, Neo, Run!


Denita TwoDragons
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:30 AM

Why do baby animals always look so windblown? Too friggin cute.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:37 AM

Denita -- it'd have to be goggles, sadly... rabbits have that prey-animal eye configuration that maximizes peripheral vision, rather than precise binocular ranging.

This makes it difficult to fit. They need custom full-wrap-around style shades; otherwise they fall off. Goggle straps, on the other hand, can adjusted be much more easily.

Trust me on this.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:40 AM

"Grazing in the grass is a gas
Bunnies - can you dig 'em?"

And Manet wasn't my first Impression-ist, but now that Meg mentions him...

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 07:52 AM

Hee hee... heads bigger than bodies. SOOOO cute, it's mind boggling.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:02 AM

Theo, what have you been doing to the bunnehs?

And more importantly, do you have pictures?

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:04 AM

Kim -- I don't have any *authentic* photos...

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:06 AM

Theo... how do you KNOW that? Your poor bunbuns... forced to dress up for all occasions.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:06 AM


 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:26 AM

lol they are cute!!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:37 AM

What remarkable coloring! What kind of hippity-hops are these?

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:43 AM

Theo, that's worth the photoshop. ;-)

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:43 AM

Hey Sarcasta - I just read this from a few days back: "I'm near the fleshy part of the thumb, between the first knuckle and the wrist, you?" Your description just cracks me up! I'm in Lansing!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:52 AM

i just wanna kiss em and put that little pile of dead grass on hims head for a little hat

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 08:58 AM

Opening this week, from Warren Brothers - the feel-good movie of the year, honoring the Buns of Summer:
"Fields of Greens"...'if you plant it, they will come...'

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:11 AM

Aww. I can't believe my bunnies got up here :). One is a Frosted pearl and the other is a blue white magpie. Thankyou for adding my pic to this adorable site.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:11 AM

CeeJoe and Sarcasta -
I'm in Grand Rapids!
Isn't it funny to live in a state where you can use your 2 hands (can't forget the UP) as a map?!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:15 AM

they just spotted a lawnmower!! run for your lives!!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:23 AM

they just spotted a lawnmower!! run for your lives!!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:23 AM

Look at the height of the blades of grass, then at the bunnages - they are so tiny!

( )
" "

E. Collison
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:31 AM

eeeeeee BUNNIES!!!!!!!!

(sorry i don't have anything more insightful to add)

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:35 AM

Well hey there Teughcats! We could have a CO MI get-together sometime!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:46 AM

awwwwwwww, cute lil' fuzzy-wuzzy bun-buns! i want one!

go michiganders!!! i hail from that little divet in the middle of the bottom of the palm. otherwise known as hillsdale co. right above ohio/indiana, lol.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 09:57 AM

Don't their heads look like big pussywillows??

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 10:07 AM

I want to put one on each cheek and roll around in that grass in a white eyelet lace dress.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 10:20 AM

Dewd check out that cheek puff!!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 10:23 AM


 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 10:24 AM

Everyone - if you click on the photo, you'll be able to get a *really big image* (once it's loaded and all).

E. Collison
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 10:27 AM

Michganders! A state filled with rabbits. Lots and lots of bunnehs. I was in heaven, I was...

I'm from the fleshy rise of the palm where the the thumb is attached. Yep, Wayne Co. south of Detroit...

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 10:37 AM

Yay Michigan! Bunnehs... and skwerls... and possums... no pikas tho. :o(

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 11:04 AM

Bun on Right - "The hunger, it calls me."

Bun on Left - "Indeed. Tonight, we feast on flesh."

*hops off to stalk prey*

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 11:13 AM

Yay! The bun buns are back in C O town!

Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 11:31 AM

" Grassulence "

//raises eyebrow
///cocks head

////oh, is just another 'Meganism'.
/////happy belated birthday, Meg!
//////we are the same astrological sign
/////// just so you know

///////// slashies!!!

Account Deleted
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 12:29 PM

*In case y'all missed it yesterday*

And maaaaaaany moooooooore!

Thank you for all the PROSH you bring (insert ear krinkle)!



 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 01:02 PM

Hey Mariser, I'm a Leo too.

Ooooh, we need a picture of a baby lion!

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 01:21 PM

There's more cuteness where that came... I love baby bunnies and Lionhead babies are even cuter in my opinion...Well I think lops might come close, LOL

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 01:27 PM

EEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIII! I just googled lionhead rabbits. Check out these pictures: http://lionheadrabbit.net/

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 01:37 PM

Hello Michigan friends!
However, I'm from/live in S. California. For anyone else living in the area, I feel obligated to let you know that the Ventura County Fair begins this weekend - and that on 8/6 there will be a 'Rabbit and Poultry Costume Contest'. The boyfriend and I will absolutely be there.

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 02:03 PM

not sure I'll make it through THIS one. Oh no.. here I go... another FINE mess C.O. has gotten me into! I'm a pile of goo. AGAIN, thanks to THIS absolute monSOON of cuteness.


(Say in small voice: thank you sir, may I have another?)

jenni joon
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 02:10 PM

"J is for Joon, who defied the monsoon."
(...after E. Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies)

 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 02:12 PM

Please do check the pics on the Catwalk Rabbitry site - which is where these lil' guys came from. Meg has the link underneath the pic, but I figured it couldn't hurt to repost:


For those using Firefox and Opera, you can copy the URLs to each pic and paste them into a new tab or window - and get *ginormous* bunny pics!

E. Collison
 |  Jul 31, 2006 at 02:29 PM

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