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Mar 31, 2006

CO Discovered by /. Nerds

OMG! Like the emotionally stunted Slashdot Fanboys (pictured below) have totally discovered Cute Overload. W00t!


Since they're all l33t hax0rs, who are smarter than all of us combined, we should relinquish the comments and let them debate:

1. Why Microsoft sux!

2. Why you are so lame for not encoding your music to Ogg Vorbis.  What a luser!  You probably listen to Britney anyway, so what's the point.

3. Why Jerry Taylor is, like, a total dick.

4. How you should delete Windoze and install FC5.  It's like totally easy to use.

5. Some endlessly stupid circular argument that got started because one of their egos is as delicate as a butterfly fart.

So everyone put away their My Little Pony dolls and pop an Anime disc in your DVD, because the comments sections are going to be worthless until the Slashdot Effect passes.

Then again, if you're really nice and bat your eyelashes, you can probably convince one of these guys to fix your WiFi connection.  (You, like, totally should be running WPA2 security.  *snort* *snort*)

And for every Fanboy that buys a t-shirt, we'll set you up on your first date.  LOL!

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OMG!!! Ponies!!!

[13-year-old voice] LOL!!!!!!!! BBQ!!!! OMG, Sooooo kewl!!! CUTEST PONIE EVAR!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *dies*. *dies again*. ^_^  KBYE! [/13]


Hugs, Slashdot! (And sender-inner Rosie B.)

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Rad Skateboarding Pupitude

Dood! Shut UP!
That did not just happen: It's a skateboarding dog movie.

\\ This just in: Photos of Tyson the skateboardin' Bulldog! \\

He's got friends and sponsors and shows and pet cats!


Shakka, Cody W.

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Hamster Hotel

Well since my Baby left me
I founda new place to dwell
It's down at the end of lonely street
the...Hamster Hotel


oh Bebeh

(thanks, Olkah!) P.S. EXTRA points if you sing it in a Nigel Tufnel voice.

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Can you find the kitten in this photo 2

'Remington Tire Manshon' was home to a big ole litter behind Nat and his wife's house. As Nat says: "This might qualify for the "sad or cute?" section. But we saved them all [the kittens not the tires, -Ed] so it's not sad, it's cute. When we say sad, we say it like "sa-yad" for extra emphasis."


Tha-anks, Nat and wifey. ;)

P.S. Rebecca S., *this* is the photo I was telling you about yesterday!

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I *told* you I wanted a CuteOverload T-shirt.

Today is the FINAL day for ordering your CuteOverload T, People. After today, you'll not see the World Peace Hamster Shirt EVER AGAIN! So, Do the right thing, and order now! Glarkware operators are standing by.


Thanks to Chachi and Jamie for the button-down awesomeness.

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Mar 30, 2006


Das Amazin' Cat Collection features an amazing example of Rule of Cuteness  #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute. Embroider THAT on a pillow, People. A double scoop of DELICIOUSNESS.


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What a nice couple


Camilla: It's a good thing these pens have grips to hang on.


Steve: Yeah? my perch is way scarier—check it—no grips! And our two-pronged hands aren't helpin'! At least I can show the camera my sweeeeet hiney!


Look a—Whoa! We're leaning! we're leaning here!


Camilla: (glances back at Steve) Oh, brother.

Thank you, Chrissy;)

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Teeniest of ears, beadiest of eyes


Benji: Sniffle.


Thanks for posting, Lauren ;)

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Cuteologist Profile: Hatty from Japan

Cuteologist Hatty from Japan, posted this little gem on the Cuteologist Web site. Yes, I had to fix the eyes in Photoskank... They were red, otherwise!

Hey Hatty, what's that morsel in front of you?

Hatty: Sniffle.


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