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Dec 27, 2005




Brilliant reader Leslie Tedles submit this photo.

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How come no one has ever come up with a way to make puppyhood last forever?

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 03:48 PM

Oh my gosh! I'm in love!

Defeated by cuteness
 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 04:05 PM

Are those vulcan huskies?

Perfect timing for photo- very cute

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 04:44 PM

sort of like my own first kiss.

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 06:06 PM

Just too cute!!!

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 06:44 PM

Just too cute!!!

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 06:48 PM

I think they look like Siberian Huskies.

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 09:33 PM

They are neither vulcan not siberian huskies. these are the lesser known Frisky Huskies, often kicked out of Iditarod school for nose sucking and maul snogging.

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 09:40 PM


 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 10:00 PM

My mom has this picture in her classroom but it has the caption: "what part of shut up do you not understand?"

 |  Dec 27, 2005 at 10:53 PM

My dachshunds will do this sometimes. But usually they just pull each other's ears and make each other yelp.

 |  Dec 28, 2005 at 02:39 AM

Shhh...You don't talk now. Your done talking. Because I said so, thats why.

 |  Dec 28, 2005 at 07:01 AM

Chomp! I want a battalion of these snout-snarfing darlings.

 |  Dec 28, 2005 at 09:00 AM

"Ugh. You've been eating onions."

 |  Dec 28, 2005 at 09:22 AM

awww. it kind of looks like the dog on the left is eating the other dog's nose.

 |  Dec 28, 2005 at 03:38 PM


 |  Dec 29, 2005 at 09:07 PM

*squeak* *squeak*

 |  Dec 30, 2005 at 06:46 AM

Precious babies - looks like one of our beloved past (but long-lived) pets, Packman.

Lise Trinkle
 |  Dec 30, 2005 at 12:37 PM

kissy goo goo

 |  Dec 30, 2005 at 05:44 PM

kissy goo goo!!!!!!!!!!!1

 |  Dec 30, 2005 at 05:49 PM

Holy crap, that pic was so cute that Mary hit a wall when she saw it. Keep up the good work.

 |  Jan 06, 2006 at 12:51 AM

When you said, "You look good enough to eat..."

 |  Jan 07, 2006 at 09:39 PM

OOO he isa soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssooooooooooooo adorably he sow cute!!

 |  Jan 09, 2006 at 01:30 PM

they are soooo cute together.
P.S. what kind of dogs sre they+

 |  Jan 15, 2006 at 09:15 PM

they are soooooooooo cute!!

 |  Feb 03, 2006 at 05:35 AM

This is one of the best pics on this site.

E. Collison
 |  Feb 07, 2006 at 08:16 PM

That's simply...awww. I can't find any words to describe it. Well, I can find a few. OH SCREW IT ALL. THIS IS TOO ADORABLE.

 |  Mar 16, 2006 at 11:23 AM

its so cute it makes my teeth hurt...

 |  Mar 16, 2006 at 07:08 PM

I've loved this picture FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Linker
 |  Mar 18, 2006 at 08:25 AM

Someone call the police, for cuteness' sake, this is illegal! Whoever took this picture and published it, should be jailed for life. I, unlike the photographer, am a very responsible person and could take cre of these puppies then... puh-leeeeeze? I'll get the flu from all the cold shivers I get when looking at this.

 |  Mar 24, 2006 at 11:57 PM

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