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I usually lean on the Captain when the vine isn't strong enough. Hang in there, kitteh.


hope whatever it is passes soon. and next time, try Maker's
I loves the glass.


We needs what we needs when we needs it, Meg! Big hug to ya! And my fave is Seagram's VO! Lipsmackin' good!


Mmmm.. teh bourbon whiskey is friend to teh Baby Peeps (Jr.)...
Uh.... looks like you've been buddies with ol' Jack for a while... Last time I snarfed that much, I was buddies with the Porcelain God for three hours. :D
Best wishes.


Sorry if everything's not going as smoothly for you right now as it SHOULD be...
Sometimes you DO just have to slug it down... I'm partial to Coke or Pepsi mixed with Amaretto...(HEAVY on the AMARETTO...) &:o)
Take good care of yourself!

Papi Chulo

Da dadadada da DAAAA! </Popeye theme>


werd, Meg.

I'm friends with Jack in rough times, too.



Jack is a good friend to have at times, yes ;) Hope the rough times has passed by now!

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