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Don't you fret.  The CO Dream Office will have HAMMOCKS.  The good hand-woven kind, too.
And the wireless network there will be strong, secure, AND easy to use.


Other things the C.O. Dream office will have:

1. Water-delivered-through-lickable tubes instead of water coolers

2. Message delivery by Hamsters in Jeffrey tubes

3. A kitten in every office

4. Nap rooms

5. somersaulting before meetings, to work out nerves

What else?


I see that the Chair and the Co-chair of the meeting are there.



you forgot the personal did-diks.


...that's something else entirely.

I meant  dik-diks.

of course.


6. Helipad and hangar for personal aircraft.

7. High-powered "depth charges" for beverages of your choice.

8. Really, really comfy pillows in the Nap Rooms.


[wups... forgot one]

9. No mock turtlenecks allowed.  All turtlenecks will be fully authentic.


Everyone will have cute bento-box lunches made for them? Cause that would be nice :P


LOVE the Skycar, love the daily bento box. love the pillows, no-way-in-hell are mock turtlenecks gonna be allowed. How about we also add:

10. Butterfly atrium
11. The Theo Marmalade Study Center
12. Dik diks carrying interoffice mail
13. Helper monkeys to hand you paper towels in the bathroom


I'm gonna hafta update the Glossary entry for the Dream Office with some of these.  Not entirely sure about the bathroom monkeys, though.

I particularly like the bank-teller-style hamster tubes... could we maybe expand on that idea a little?


Meg, do you mean "Jeffries" tubes? Like on Star Trek?

I'm agin the WC monkeys myself.

Dangit, I can't wear regular turtlenecks, and now you're banning
mocks... back to sweaters. Or is it always comfy-warm in the Dream
Office, so we don't need turtlenecks? I mean, it can't be too cold,
that'd be bad for the kittens in every office!


Yes, I think I do mean 'Jeffries' tubes! Is that the spelling—here's what I mean:


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