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Dec 26, 2007

You set the NeverLost right?

Set it to go to Inspiration Point!

Vaminos! [Chihuahuas peel out]


Jenni S., nice jaw-dropping material you got there.

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Juniper Jupiter
 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:18 PM

Now that I have FINALLY posted first on a pic here, which is beYOND redonkulous AND adorabobbale, I'd like to know something...what exactly DOES "bleen" mean?

Juniper Jupiter
 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:19 PM

So... cute... >squeeee!<

fish eye no miko
 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:21 PM

Riding along in my automobile
My baby beside me at the wheel
I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
my curiosity running wild
crusin' and playin' the radio
with no particular place to go

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:28 PM

(What does "bleen" mean?) Well, cute anyways!!

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:29 PM

Ewww! Nasty hideous chihauhas! Yuck.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:32 PM

While cute for the small animals riding in cars their own size element, I really don't think chihuahuas are very cute at all...some of them actually are, I've seen a few, and I do like longhair chihuahuas. It's just that these kind of look like large rats to me, or the hairless cats. Kind of iffy and not cute.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:40 PM

they r adorable!! and they dont look like rats or hairless cats at all!

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:42 PM

Hooray!!! Has anyone else been having troubles getting on to the site earlier today?

very cute~I'm digging that ride

also lol to the bleen questioners

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:49 PM

Site was down for a few hours (for me) earlier but seems to be fine now.

To the pic:

I love you for your pink Cadillac
Prosh velvet seats
Riding in the back,
Cruising down the street
Waving to the 'nuffs
Feeling out of sight
Bleen-ing all my money on a Cat-urday night
Honey, I just wonder what you do there in back of your pink Cadillac...

(apologies to the boss)

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 05:58 PM

Ahng! Leetle pupperkins is too busy snorfling his passenger's Axis of Snorgling to watch the road!

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:20 PM

Don't nuff the puppies! Chihuahuas aren't my favorite either, but these guys are pretty cute, with the tiny ears, and noses, and paws....I bet they have snorgable bellies, too.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:22 PM

Those doggies are driving an unmarked car! There is no license plate. HOOLIGANS! But such cute hooligans!

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:28 PM

Adios mamasitas! Ai! Ai! Ai!

Don't be nuffin the pups mang.

(the original) Mel
 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:38 PM

Those paws on the wipers are just redonk riduculous. And yes, that is redundant.

Still though, that nuzzle just makes the pic.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:39 PM

OMG! Those are sickeningly cute, and they're driving a beetle. It can't get any better.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:40 PM

I KNEW we shoulda taken that left at Albuquerque

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:40 PM

most smoochiest most prosh most luvins chow-wow-wow's i've eva had the pleasure to view. the most recent post's have been the most bestest eva.
BLEEN! (in caps) dont care if'n i'm not first.
me deaaad.... cannot take no mo...
gaaahhhh. i wish this was a vid.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:41 PM

SQUEEEEE! This one was insta-headsplode for me.

just me
 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:41 PM

holy crap coffeecup!!!
shut up!
what'za matta wiff ya???

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 06:43 PM

Maybe these pups live in the US of A, where license plates go on the back. In any case, they are super adorable, and in fact so are rats and hairless kitties so nyah. ;P

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 07:02 PM

Cute Cute Cute
They made me melt
what is this thing we are sitting in ? says pup behind the wheel Oh I don't know but I bet we will be snorgled in a minute or two says passenger pup....

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 07:06 PM

Ahh, the silly nuffs. A dog is a dog is a dog, no matter if it's a Chihuahua or a Mastiff. They're all appreciated by true dog aficionados. Mang. LOL.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 07:12 PM

Adorable leetle WaWa bebehs in their own leetle car are indeed Qte. So there, nuffs.

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 07:15 PM

Ahhhh the cute is back... and .... Look at the cute little snorgable puppy wuppies with their wittle itty bitty noses and teeny weeny ears and scrumdilicious little pawses. And all packaged in that cute as can be pink convertable.

Looks up at comment. Erk... did I just write all that.... obviously I was suffering from a lack of cute today. ; )

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 07:33 PM

Something is only cute if I say it's cute. Kindly refrain from posting photos of things which I do not deem cute.

i'm The Decider
 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 10:21 PM

(adjusts angle of glasses)

mm...yes...not so much a beetle as a hybrid...of an mg-a...yes...perhaps an austin-healy...mmm...and what looks like some jaguar e-type recessed headlamps...mmm...i see...

these pups are hot-rod modders. be careful if they offer to race you for...er..."pinks"...as it were...

(returns to characterizing download packet loss of astronomy websites)

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 10:42 PM

Squeeeee!!!! I'm usually not fond of chihuahuas, but....Eeeee!!!

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 11:04 PM

Is that a Barbie car? That they can both fit is complete and utter cute MADNESS!

And to the nuffers ~ rats are so totally NOT gross kthnxbai. D;

 |  Dec 26, 2007 at 11:35 PM

Insanely Cute...I can't believe my eyes! *passes out*


*head on keyboard*

Sammys Mom >^..^
 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 03:04 AM

slythwolf - many states in the US require front tags, too.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 03:09 AM

Heeheeheeheehee! Too prosh. Drivin' pup needs to keep eyes on road, though, and leave the snorgling till they've parked.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 05:54 AM


These babies are adorable, regardless. AND THE CAR! How is it not cute that two puppies fit in a toy CAR?!

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 06:17 AM

This really is the cutest picture for ages! Cute cute cute! Meg, your captions are beyond funny too!

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 06:49 AM

[you know the car is special]

Well Mister I want a yellow convertible
Four-door de Ville
With a Continental spare
And wire chrome wheels
I want power steering
And power brakes
I want a powerful motor
With a jet off-take
I want air conditioning
I want automatic heat
And I want a full Murphy bed
In my back seat
I want a short-wave radio
I want TV and a phone
You know I gotta talk to my baby
When I'm ridin' alone

I got me a car
And I'm headed on down the road
No money down
I don't have to worry
About that broken-down, ragged Ford

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 06:52 AM

OMG!!!! First this is the most redonk thing I have EVAR seen. Must snorgle pupkins!

AND http://www.woot.com/ has a cute overload photo on todays woot! Check it out!!!

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 07:19 AM

Keep your eye on the road, little puppy!! You don't want to pull a Toonces.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 07:39 AM

Oh but they so WIDDLE!!! I can't believe people are saying they're not cute... what's wrong with you? I love all puppies!!!

I propose nuffing should be outload by the cute overlord.

Too Late
 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 07:49 AM


Too Late
 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 07:50 AM

Rats are cuter than those things! They look..unfinished.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 08:17 AM

Ahhhh, cherie! Anyzing is posseeble weeth you by my side! ZE places we weel go, mon petit chou! But first, we weel stop for frozen custards at zat ice cream place near ze onramp to ze freeway!"

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 08:39 AM

thats pretty cute.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 08:42 AM

I think anyone who thinks a chihuahua's "unfinished" just hasn't met one and felt how velvety-soft they are. I'm not angry at the 'nuffingtons; I just feel sad for them, since they obviously haven't felt any puppybreath against their neck for a while, and that can make anyone grouchy. Go huff a pup, folks, that'll fix ya right up!

These adorable little bebbehs can drive into my heart anytime.

Mrs. Catlabash
 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 08:42 AM

Awww, this a soooo cute! They are so tiny...

Holy Cuteness
 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 08:57 AM

Wow - you've outdone yourself again, Meg. These guys are...amazing looking. I love the one slightly folded-over paw. It's not even a paw yet. It's like a pre-paw.

I love how puppies and kittens always look so concerned about things, don't you?

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 09:13 AM


Punch it, Sparky! We've got to get to the park by noon for lunch and walkies!!!

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 09:15 AM

I had the privilege of playing with two chi's over the Christmas holiday, and I have to say, they are way too cute, and people should just stop nuffin'. So there. Shout out to Paris and Pepino!

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 09:36 AM

omg too cute and such funny capshones!!!

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 09:41 AM

Blair...you are awesome.

And Goodnight Mrs. Catlabash...wherever you are.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 10:22 AM

Are you kidding? These pups are so cute the driver is snorgling the passenger. Puhleze. Undeniable scientific keyutitude.

 |  Dec 27, 2007 at 10:43 AM

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